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Self Heal Flower Essence, Prunella vulgaris

Self Heal, who I like to call Prunella, is the first flower essence that I made almost thirty years ago, and the healing I receive from this plant, well, it just goes on and on.  Everywhere I have lived has Prunella growing in boundless communities.  I think she would take over the farm if I let her, but I guess she would have to battle it out with Celandine... and Angelica.  I revere Prunella and use her almost every day in my practice... and at home.  She is always in my salves and makes me think of my friend Barbara whose gift of healing is akin to Self Heal.

I call Prunella the plant of equilibrium; she brings balance.  She is strong and steadfast, she is quiet and her violet lips always tell the truth.  Self Heal is brave, she is a peasant wise woman and her commonality is her power.  She is good for everyone.  Prunella moves through the worlds with grace and ease learning all the while.  She knows she is responsible for her own healing, her own life.  This is her medicine gift to us... the wisdom of how to participate in our own life.  She doesn't judge, she knows the old ways and weaves the silver threads of life force back together again.  Self Heal is a gatekeeper to healing and guides us back to our path.  There is great joy when we fully embrace life... and great power.  Self Heal awakens the magical purpose in each of us.