Welcome to Fire Rose Farm... where plants and people meet.

I am starting over.  Having just come through one of the most intense and difficult experiences of my life, cancer, I am going to put one renewed foot in front of the other and walk in the direction of my dreams in ways both new and old. Getting my self back on the farm and in my work, well, this is what my heart still yearns for.  My calling in the world has not changed, but the way I respond to my calling has.  I am stronger than ever in my calling, and I have yet to continue to get stronger in my body. One day at a time.  One divine breath at a time.  Yes, I am on my way.

If you come to Fire Rose Farm's website, yes I know there is not much here... but do return.  I am dreaming a potent medicine dream, and am called to put it in the world in fresh and inspired ways.  I will look forward to sharing the process and the medicine along the way.  

The farm has been kind, attentive and patient while I have been sick, and has gifted me with some of the most poignant and profound healing on my journey.  Yes, she is alive, she speaks and tends and responds.  Fire Rose Farm is a gangling tangle of weeds and wonder at this time, but she is thriving in ways that are magical and mysterious.  What a magnificent force!  What a purpose!  On this day, I am on my knees in reverent appreciation, gratitude and love to be able to share life with the life of this land, these trees, these plants, the spirit of this farm in all her glorious ways... seen and unseen.

There is a lot happening.  Tonight, it is snowing.  Peaceful, magnificent, ethereal light shines in the world.  Blessings.