Flower Essences


 Flower Essences... the healing light of flowers.

Flower Essences are potent and quiet water based infusions that are preserved with brandy, vinegar or vegetable glycerin.  The flowers are floated on water and the etheric pattern, the specific imprint, the unique vibration of the flowers infuses into the water as it sits in the holy light of the Sun for several hours.  This is then filtered and a preservative of brandy or other is added and stored in a cool, dark place.

The healing qualities of the essences comes from the life force inherent in every flower.  These subtle qualities allow the essences to go beyond our physicality and fill us with their glorious light.  They heal us from deep within.  I call flower essences 'the poets of plant medicine'.

Flower essences do not contain the physical substances and constituents of the plants making them very safe to use for babies and children coming into the world, elders and others leaving it and all the seasons of life in between.  They can be used for animals, environment, ceremony and just about any way you can imagine.  The essences are not known to interfere with other healing modalities, and in fact, can strengthen and support a person greatly on their healing journey... on every journey.

The use of flower essences is based on the wisdom that we are related and deeply connected to Nature.  There is no separation, and never has been.  We are all children of the earth and sky, and so are the flowers.  The patterns and paradigms that we carry within us have a healing mutuality in Nature.  This means that the flowers can help us change our vibe; they have a unique quality and vibration that has a perfect resonance to our human emotions.  They can make us clearer, softer, and stronger.  Flower essences help us develop our relationship with self and contact the soulful light of who we were made to be.  They make us happy.

Flower essences as we know them are built upon the discoveries and foundation of esteemed Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936.)  He is fondly called the father of flower essences.  His research and work as a physician led him to believe that the emotional imbalances within people are the true causes of physical illness.  He recognized people had clear personality types that related to various patterns of ill health, regardless of the physical symptoms being presented.  As an example... we don't all respond to having the Flu in the same way.  Some of us cry some of us get angry, scared, impatient, indifferent.  We do not all need the same thing when we are sick, nor will the same remedies help each of us in the same way.  We are all perfect, unique expressions of life, and there is a flower for everyone.

Most often the essences are taken orally, three drops under the tongue several times a day.  Their potency is increased by taking a few drops several times throughout the day rather than thirty drops once a day.  More is not better.  Regular, rhythmic use of the essences is recommended.  I might suggest upon waking, at least twenty minutes before daily meals, in the evening and right before sleep.  Follow your own rhythm.  Shake and tap bottle before using.

We are not limited to taking the essences orally.  A few drops can be put in a misting bottle filled with water and sprayed around and above us, letting the mist float down upon us.  A drop can be put on the pulse points and temple, or behind our ears.  They can be rubbed into the palm of our hands.  Flower essences can be carried on our person and we can hold and touch the bottle from time to time and say an affirmation that connects us to the flowers.  They can be added to creams, lotions, potions and poultices.  They can be placed on an altar.  There is no dogma when using the essences, there is not a right way to use them.  They are bigger than all that.  Flower essences are vibrational remedies, and the law makes us call them food supplements.  As goofy as this is, the law is right.  Flower essences are divine food for the soul.